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Queens Peak by MCC Land

MCC land is one of the up and coming property developer in Singapore. Their work is appreciated by all of the people that invest in it. They have worked on several projects.

And because they have worked pretty well, they have received awards too on their brilliant work. They have gained the trust of a lot of people that they have worked with. They have recently started their work on Dundee road in Singapore. Their newest project is Queens Peak.

It is a very important project for them. That is because the design is so brilliant, it will change the whole look of living in Singapore. They are many other new launches in Singapore district 3, such as Highline condo, Principal Garden and Artra Singapore, but they will not be as advanced and as modern as the Queens peak. It will have the standards that will be satisfying to people that look for luxury in every aspect of life.

Queens Peak Property guru

Queens Peak Property Guru

Queens Peak is located in Dundee road. The estimated time of completion suggests that it will be completed in 2020. There are many things that make Queens Peak one of a kind.

Its designs show that it will be completely beautiful. There will be a lot of facilities and luxuries that people usually carve for but miss out, because there are no one to provide them. Those people don’t need to worry anymore.

Queens Peak has a very beautiful design, it has a very attractive neighborhood, and there are many shopping malls and centers that are very close to this property launch. There are schools and universities that people with families require. There are also a lot of public transport facilities that are only a minute of walk away.


There are many things that are the center of attraction of the people that come to check the Queens Peak showroom. It has a flawless design. The floor plans are amazing. There are apartments for one person and there are apartments that have five bedrooms with many other facilities. Crescent Girls school is very close to this project. IKEA Alexandra is also very close to the establishment. You can buy furniture for your new home and conveniently bring it to your home.

For more details you can always look up Queens Peak property guru.

Principal Garden Condo at the Prince Charles Crescent

Principal Garden Condo is being built in one of the finest areas of Singapore, known as the Prince Charles Crescent. It is one of the most famous and also the most lavish locations or areas of the Singapore. The lifestyle of people living within this area is far more easy than the people living in any other locality. This is because of the ease of transportation facilities such as the famous Redhill MRT and ease of accessibility famous tourist points, shopping centres, scenic beauties and restaurants. It has many luxury condos styled apartments and building around it and this particular business is growing further that too very rapidly around this area.

Principal Garden Condo

Principal Garden Condo, located in the area of Prince Charles Crescent is by far the most unique and well-organized project, which is being built by the reputable developers of Singapore, known as UOL. This project is also in close proximity to Artra and Highline Condo. As per the blueprint, it is a project, comprising of four tall towers, each of them will have 24 storeys, holding a total of 663 condos styled units. Principal Garden by UOL has an area of approximately 24,964.3 square metres, which makes it somewhat bigger than the other condominiums in that area.

In addition, there are many options of unit types from which an interested buyer can choose, varying from 1 to 5 bedroom unit types and some of them have further classifications too. The versatility attracts many people, such as bachelors, youthful couples, larger families who are looking forward to live under one roof, this housing society is the perfect solution to all their requirements and problems.

Facilities offered at Principal Garden Condo

Almost every condominium, which is present or being built in the Prince Charles Crescent area offers some facilities, in order to attract more people or interested buyers because of the high rate of competition. Principal Garden Condo has got a lot to offer its residents, which is one of the plus points of this apartment building.

Principal Garden condo

Based on the model at Principal Garden showflat, some of the facilities include multiple swimming pools and water related facilities, yoga deck, BBQ pavilion, play court, tennis court, kid’s playground, entertainment areas, amphitheatre, seating deck, music room, bamboo garden, sun and flower garden, lounging deck, outdoor fitness, sunken lawn court, meditation deck, sculptural lawn, aerobics and fitness deck, private dining room with kitchenette, outdoor dining terrace with bar, seating alcove, jogging path, shared bicycle bay at basement, tai chi lawn, lawn steps, sky terrace, gymnasium within a forest and the list continues.

All the facilities are divided among the floors and towers. Every facility is available to the residents, no matter what type of unit; they have bought or living in. Moreover, all of these facilities are available for free, no resident is charged even a penny extra in order to have access to these benefits, which will accessible for the lifetime.

Principal Garden Condo is surely like a dream coming true for the people of Singapore.

Enjoy Lavish Living like never before at Artra Singapore

Artra Singapore is one of the most luxurious and amazing condominiums, which is being built in the most prestigious locations of the Singapore. The total land area, which is allocated for the building of Artra Singapore, is about 90,362 square feet. The space allocated is large enough to accommodate all the necessary and luxurious facilities, which are supposed to be the part of this condominium.

Artra Singapore is a name of quality living and best standards, as everything is being made according to the international standards, which are set for any housing societies or condominiums. The overall structure and facilities are designed with both the traditional and modern touch. In terms of quality, it is pretty on par with Highline Residences, which is designed by world renowned architect Mok Wei Wei.

The facilities which contribute to the lavish living

Nowadays, the facilities offer in any housing society is the basic factor, which every investor or customers look for, while selecting any property. Every property is useless, if it does not have any unique selling points in terms of the facilities to offer its customers. Apart from the reason of a customer’s basic needs, this particular factor also encourage the authorities to introduce multiple facilities within the property.

There is a variety of facilities, which are being offered at Artra Singapore, such as the access to multiple parks, gyms, swimming pools and gyms, which make life further luxurious. The condo also offers a wide range of other facilities and services such as the entertainment lounge, BBQ pavilions, dining halls, party lounges and a lot more. The built in lifts are there for the ease of customers. The different sizes of apartments give many options to the customers from which they can choose.

Artra Singapore

Redhill, Queenstown and Tiong Bahru are the most developed areas of Singapore, which also happen to be in neighborhood of Artra Condo Singapore.

One of the very unique selling points of the Artra Singapore is the commercial shops and other necessary facilities just for the sake of resident’s ease. The area allocated for this purpose is around 21,528 square feet. Therefore, it is totally true to say that the customers or residents come first for the authorities of Artra Condo Singapore.

The apartments at the condominium are well furnished and really well built as the developers have paid special attention to the details and needs of the customers, so they would not have to compromise on anything, once they have become a resident of this incredible society.

Moreover, the amenities, which are surrounding Artra Singapore, are too good to neglect. The easy access to the metro stations, shopping centers, parks, restaurants and many other facilities further add in the benefits of the Artra Singapore. All these facilities are really appreciated by the customers, who are interested in buying any condo in this particular society. There are many other factors, which contribute in the lavish and luxurious lifestyle offered by the developers of the Artra Singapore, excursively for the residents.

Award-Winning Architect Mok Wei Wei To Design Highline Condo

Keppel Land is proud to announce that they had appointed award-winning architect Mok Wei Wei to design Highline Condo. Living in Singapore can be a dream coming true. A country is full of colours and water. Beautiful locations are what make the Singapore different from others.

Singapore is the hub of Asian civilisation in the current generation. At the same time, the country has been undergoing a lot of investment. Owning a property in Singapore is a plus point as billionaires around the worlds are investing in Singapore.

A condo in Singapore can have comforts such as pool playgrounds and gyms. Homes can also be found, but a condo is a better option. It doesn’t matter where your condo is located because travelling in Singapore is very cheap. Most of the population in Singapore travel by local transport.

Highline Condo

What are Project Details of Highline Condo

Highline condo is under the tree of development by the company named as Keppel Land. The company itself has a vast number of projects under its belt. Highline residences are sure to become master forging of this company. It is located in toing bharu heritage estate. The project is of condo architecture by a great company. This condo is going to be one of most beautiful, luxurious and comfortable, just like Artra Singapore at Redhill. The environment around the condo is total Singapore beautiful locality since the war. This Highline residence condo gives you a vibe of vast history plus a great look in the present and the future of the living experience.

Who is designing Highline Condo?

The person who is in charge of this whole project is known as Mok Wei Wei. He is an award-winning architect, and there are many high-end projects under his belt. Mok Wei Wei is also Managing Director of W Architects. His experience on Singapore-based projects and homes is second to none.

In addition, the architect is famous for his understanding of the history of the country. Plus gives the building a modern touch keeping the past of the country in mind. He has recently finished Museum in the University. The museum is considered as one of the best-designed museums in the world.

Highline condo will have a best design due to architect vast knowledge. Plus being a developed by an architect who is an award winner will have its benefits. The lifestyle is these condos is going to be amazing. They will be having all kinds of the furnishes that a modern condo should have. The design would be one of a kind. Highline Residences price will be priced lower than the surrounding resale condo with Tiong Bahru estate.

According to the Mok Wei Wei, this is going to be state of the art. Luxury living is what describes this condo. Right now Singapore is the den of invests all around the world. As more people are interested investing in Singapore due to its growing tourism it is better to get a handsome amount invested in these condos.

As an award-winning architect is designing the second price are going to rise like fire in the jungle. When prices rise your share percent will go up through the charts. This kind of invest appears once in a million better grab it.

Types of Commercial Property Leasing Available

There are lots of benefits open to the one who is searching to lease workplace, but many of them rely on what your actual needs are. For many people, purchasing property is the greatest option. For many people, a lease arrangement could be ideal and save them a substantial amount of money. To determine whether you’d be best having a lease or purchasing commercial property, you have first to comprehend the primary kinds of leases which are available.

The 3 primary kinds of leases for residential and commercial qualities would be the lengthy-term lease, rapid-term lease and also the lease-to-own variety. The 3 their very own, unique advantages and disadvantages. Learning what they’re will help you determine if a lease fits your needs, therefore, which kind of lease you ought to be searching for.

Rapid-Term Lease

Rapid-term commercial lease is usually for just a couple of years. The most typical short-term commercial leases run 3 to 5 years but could vary on the contract that’s negotiated. Short term lease is usually ideal for start-up companies who don’t have lots of capital but be prepared to grow rapidly. The lease allows the company to save a large amount of money for the short term. Within the lengthy term, the cash that’s saved could be reinvested in the industry either using real estate or growth and expansion. Temporary leases will also be ideally suited to firms that focus on a restricted contractual basis. A lot of companies are created running for just a particular period. They are especially prevalent among periodic companies, political campaign type companies and then any other business interests that won’t maintain business being an actual, licensed corporate organization for just about any period.

The Lengthy-Term Lease

The lengthy-term lease is usually likely to be for any lengthy period even though it might appear better to go forward and buy a house instead of lease; there might be benefits especially when it comes to commercial qualities as well as for certain kinds of business interests. The lengthy-term lease is fantastic for companies that are looking to help keep overhead to a minimum. It’s also ideal for companies which are well-established however that may need a variety of offices around the country or the world.


A lease-to-own contract enables the individual to lease a house for any given period similar to the lengthy-term and temporary leases do. The main difference is the fact that part of the investment property around the lease is usually put aside instead of a lower payment. Again, the specifics will be different on the contract that’s negotiated. In certain rare cases, no investment property around the lease is going to be granted perfectly into a lower payment however this depends upon anything negotiations along with a good property agent will be able to enable you to get a good contract on any lease.

Advantages of a Lease

The majority of the advantages of and causes of obtaining a lease are financial anyway, even though there undoubtedly are other benefits too. Leases come with numerous options, even though the price of a lease might be slightly in addition to that of the mortgage, there are several great savings connected with leasing property too. Among the greatest savings comes using property management. Anyone who has ever owned a sizable building let you know by pointing out outrageously costly upkeep and upkeep of your building. For big, commercial structures, upkeep can eat right into a budget and switch a normally lucrative business enterprise right into an internet loss for everybody involved.

Furthermore, this enables the organization to save within the Human Sources department too. Once the costs of hiring, vacations, pay rates, taxes along with other worker pricing is figured in, along with the time that it takes a CPA to complete all the additional documents and also the savings equal to a big amount in a rush. Not getting to employ a full maintenance and janitorial staff alone could be a justifiable reason behind a lot of companies to think about leasing commercial qualities. Leases also generally permit the business to re-negotiate a far more “reasonable” rate for just about any extensions in the effective conclusion of the lease should additional time within the building be necessary or wanted. Instead of getting to seal lower the whole office or plant, extra time of the existing commercial lease allows the organization to help keep the doorways open with no interruptions running a business. Whether a lease fits your needs may ultimately rely on your individual conditions and the thing you need for the business. An expert property agent will be able to sit lower along with you and check out your requirements and inform you exactly what will work well for you as well as for your commercial business interests.