Award-Winning Architect Mok Wei Wei To Design Highline Condo

Keppel Land is proud to announce that they had appointed award-winning architect Mok Wei Wei to design Highline Condo. Living in Singapore can be a dream coming true. A country is full of colours and water. Beautiful locations are what make the Singapore different from others.

Singapore is the hub of Asian civilisation in the current generation. At the same time, the country has been undergoing a lot of investment. Owning a property in Singapore is a plus point as billionaires around the worlds are investing in Singapore.

A condo in Singapore can have comforts such as pool playgrounds and gyms. Homes can also be found, but a condo is a better option. It doesn’t matter where your condo is located because travelling in Singapore is very cheap. Most of the population in Singapore travel by local transport.

Highline Condo

What are Project Details of Highline Condo

Highline condo is under the tree of development by the company named as Keppel Land. The company itself has a vast number of projects under its belt. Highline residences are sure to become master forging of this company. It is located in toing bharu heritage estate. The project is of condo architecture by a great company. This condo is going to be one of most beautiful, luxurious and comfortable, just like Artra Singapore at Redhill. The environment around the condo is total Singapore beautiful locality since the war. This Highline residence condo gives you a vibe of vast history plus a great look in the present and the future of the living experience.

Who is designing Highline Condo?

The person who is in charge of this whole project is known as Mok Wei Wei. He is an award-winning architect, and there are many high-end projects under his belt. Mok Wei Wei is also Managing Director of W Architects. His experience on Singapore-based projects and homes is second to none.

In addition, the architect is famous for his understanding of the history of the country. Plus gives the building a modern touch keeping the past of the country in mind. He has recently finished Museum in the University. The museum is considered as one of the best-designed museums in the world.

Highline condo will have a best design due to architect vast knowledge. Plus being a developed by an architect who is an award winner will have its benefits. The lifestyle is these condos is going to be amazing. They will be having all kinds of the furnishes that a modern condo should have. The design would be one of a kind. Highline Residences price will be priced lower than the surrounding resale condo with Tiong Bahru estate.

According to the Mok Wei Wei, this is going to be state of the art. Luxury living is what describes this condo. Right now Singapore is the den of invests all around the world. As more people are interested investing in Singapore due to its growing tourism it is better to get a handsome amount invested in these condos.

As an award-winning architect is designing the second price are going to rise like fire in the jungle. When prices rise your share percent will go up through the charts. This kind of invest appears once in a million better grab it.

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