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Queens Peak by MCC Land

MCC land is one of the up and coming property developer in Singapore. Their work is appreciated by all of the people that invest in it. They have worked on several projects.

And because they have worked pretty well, they have received awards too on their brilliant work. They have gained the trust of a lot of people that they have worked with. They have recently started their work on Dundee road in Singapore. Their newest project is Queens Peak.

It is a very important project for them. That is because the design is so brilliant, it will change the whole look of living in Singapore. They are many other new launches in Singapore district 3, such as Highline condo, Principal Garden and Artra Singapore, but they will not be as advanced and as modern as the Queens peak. It will have the standards that will be satisfying to people that look for luxury in every aspect of life.

Queens Peak Property guru

Queens Peak Property Guru

Queens Peak is located in Dundee road. The estimated time of completion suggests that it will be completed in 2020. There are many things that make Queens Peak one of a kind.

Its designs show that it will be completely beautiful. There will be a lot of facilities and luxuries that people usually carve for but miss out, because there are no one to provide them. Those people don’t need to worry anymore.

Queens Peak has a very beautiful design, it has a very attractive neighborhood, and there are many shopping malls and centers that are very close to this property launch. There are schools and universities that people with families require. There are also a lot of public transport facilities that are only a minute of walk away.


There are many things that are the center of attraction of the people that come to check the Queens Peak showroom. It has a flawless design. The floor plans are amazing. There are apartments for one person and there are apartments that have five bedrooms with many other facilities. Crescent Girls school is very close to this project. IKEA Alexandra is also very close to the establishment. You can buy furniture for your new home and conveniently bring it to your home.

For more details you can always look up Queens Peak property guru.

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