Enjoy Lavish Living like never before at Artra Singapore

Artra Singapore is one of the most luxurious and amazing condominiums, which is being built in the most prestigious locations of the Singapore. The total land area, which is allocated for the building of Artra Singapore, is about 90,362 square feet. The space allocated is large enough to accommodate all the necessary and luxurious facilities, which are supposed to be the part of this condominium.

Artra Singapore is a name of quality living and best standards, as everything is being made according to the international standards, which are set for any housing societies or condominiums. The overall structure and facilities are designed with both the traditional and modern touch. In terms of quality, it is pretty on par with Highline Residences, which is designed by world renowned architect Mok Wei Wei.

The facilities which contribute to the lavish living

Nowadays, the facilities offer in any housing society is the basic factor, which every investor or customers look for, while selecting any property. Every property is useless, if it does not have any unique selling points in terms of the facilities to offer its customers. Apart from the reason of a customer’s basic needs, this particular factor also encourage the authorities to introduce multiple facilities within the property.

There is a variety of facilities, which are being offered at Artra Singapore, such as the access to multiple parks, gyms, swimming pools and gyms, which make life further luxurious. The condo also offers a wide range of other facilities and services such as the entertainment lounge, BBQ pavilions, dining halls, party lounges and a lot more. The built in lifts are there for the ease of customers. The different sizes of apartments give many options to the customers from which they can choose.

Artra Singapore

Redhill, Queenstown and Tiong Bahru are the most developed areas of Singapore, which also happen to be in neighborhood of Artra Condo Singapore.

One of the very unique selling points of the Artra Singapore is the commercial shops and other necessary facilities just for the sake of resident’s ease. The area allocated for this purpose is around 21,528 square feet. Therefore, it is totally true to say that the customers or residents come first for the authorities of Artra Condo Singapore.

The apartments at the condominium are well furnished and really well built as the developers have paid special attention to the details and needs of the customers, so they would not have to compromise on anything, once they have become a resident of this incredible society.

Moreover, the amenities, which are surrounding Artra Singapore, are too good to neglect. The easy access to the metro stations, shopping centers, parks, restaurants and many other facilities further add in the benefits of the Artra Singapore. All these facilities are really appreciated by the customers, who are interested in buying any condo in this particular society. There are many other factors, which contribute in the lavish and luxurious lifestyle offered by the developers of the Artra Singapore, excursively for the residents.